Bee You

Bee You


Alfred didn't want to buzz around, collect pollen, or make honey like the other bees.

Alfred had much bigger dreams.

Fly along with Alfred as he discovers that collecting honey and working in the hive isn't his true calling. He's an inventor and problem solver who believes in himself, and with confidence ventures out into the world to find a solution to a problem no one knows exists.  His peers doubt and make fun of him, he fails multiple times, but through it all, Alfred refuses to give up.  

It's our goal that these beautiful illustrations and captivating story about being yourself and following your dreams turn even the most relentless self-doubters into self-believers.   

32 full color pages 8.5 x 8.5 paperback back

Book is sent in a flat, hardback envelope sealed in a waterproof cover.
All items are sent 1st class.

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